Titian's Allegory of Marriage

Titian's Allegory of Marriage

New Approaches

This book offers nine new approaches toward a single work of art, Titian’s Allegory of Marriage or Allegory of Alfonso d’Avalos, dated to 1530/5. In earlier references, the painting was named simply Allegory, alluding to its enigmatic nature. The work follows in a tradition of such ambiguous Venetian paintings as Giovanni Bellini’s Sacred Allegory and Giorgione’s Tempest. Throughout the years, Titian’s Allegory has engendered a range of diverse interpretations. Art historians such as Hans Tietze, Erwin Panofsky, Walter Friedlaender, and Louis Hourticq, to mention only a few, promoted various explanations. This book offers novel approaches and suggests new meanings toward a further understanding of this somewhat abstruse painting.
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  • Table of Contents
  • 1. Introduction: Poetic License
    • Daniel M. Unger
  • 2. Love, Beauty, and the Human Body as a Reflection of the Divine
    • Valery Rees
  • 3. Amorosa visione: Titian’s Allegory of Marriage and the Poetry of the Half-length Format
    • Mary Pardo
  • 4. The Arms and Armour of Titian’s Allegory of Marriage
    • Karen Watts
  • 5. ‘Un disio sol d’eterna gloria e fama’: A Literary Approach to Titian’s Allegory
    • Esthy Kravitz-Lurie
  • 6. Psyche, Venus, Ceres and Their Friends: Titian’s Remixes
    • Paul Joannides
  • 7. Art and the Double Meaning of Reflection in Titian’s Allegory of Marriage
    • Daniel M. Unger
  • 8. Titian’s Allegory of Marriage as an ‘Allegory of Peace’
    • Sara Benninga
  • 9. Vision and Touch in the Allegory of Marriage
    • Geoff Lehman
  • 10. Of Crystal Orbs and Divinatory Mirrors: The Vicissitudes of Pregnancy and Artistic Agency in Titian’s Allegory of Marriage
    • Sergius Kodera
  • Index
  • Colour Plates
  • List of Plates and Figures



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