Pakistan Desires

Pakistan Desires

Queer Futures Elsewhere

  • Author: Kasmani, Omar
  • Publisher: Duke University Press
  • ISBN: 9781478020325
  • eISBN Pdf: 9781478027317
  • Place of publication:  Durham , United States
  • Year of digital publication: 2023
  • Month: October
  • Pages: 289
  • Language: English
Drawing on history, anthropology, literature, law, art, film, and performance studies, the contributors to Pakistan Desires invite reflection on what meanings adhere to queerness in Pakistan. They illustrate how amid conditions of straightness, desire can serve as a mode of queer future-making. Among other topics, the contributors analyze gender transgressive performances in Pakistani film, piety in the transgender rights movement, the use of Grindr among men, the exploration of homoerotic subject matter in contemporary Pakistani artist Anwar Saeed's work, and the story of a sixteenth-century Sufi saint who fell in love with a Brahmin boy. From Kashmir to the 1947 Partition to the resonances of South Asian gay subjectivity in the diaspora, the contributors attend to narrative and epistemological possibilities for queer lives and loves. By embracing forms of desire elsewhere, ones that cannot correlate to or often fall outside dominant Western theorizations of queerness, this volume gathers other ways of being queer in the world.

Contributors. Ahmed Afzal, Asad Alvi, Anjali Arondekar, Vanja Hamzić, Omar Kasmani, Pasha M. Khan, Gwendolyn S. Kirk, Syeda Momina Masood, Nida Mehboob, Claire Pamment, Geeta Patel, Nael Quraishi, Abdullah Qureshi, Shayan Rajani, Jeffrey A. Redding, Gayatri Reddy, Syma Tariq
  • Cover
  • Contents
  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction: Stan/Omar Kasmani
  • Mehfil
    • 1. Of Girls, Desire, and Sacred Things/Syeda Momina Masood
    • 2. Loving Men, Loving God/Shayan Rajani
    • 3. Fixed Possibilities: The Threat of Transmasculinity in the Urdu Tale of Agar/Pasha M. Khan
    • 4. Spaces of Critique, Spaces of Desire: Gender-Crossing in Pakistani Cinema/Gwendolyn S. Kirk
    • 5. Partitioned Listening: Sonic Exercises Outside of Archival Time/Syma Tariq
    • 6. Miraji’s Poetics for Queering History/Geeta Patel
    • 7. This Is Home after All/Nael Quraishi
    • After. Heather Love, and Others/Asad Alvi
  • Mehfil
    • 8. Temporal Nonconformity: Being There Together as Khwajasara in a Time of One’s Own/Vanja Hamzić
    • 9. On the Other Side of the Rainbow?: Khwaja Sira Pieties, Politics, Performances, and the Tablighi Jamaʿat/Claire Pamment
    • 10. A Queer History of Pakistani Art: Anwar Saeed and Other Ways of Love/Abdullah Qureshi
    • 11. Beyond Hooking Up: Tales from Grindr in Pakistan/Ahmed Afzal
    • 12. How I Like It/Nida Mehboob
    • 13. Queer Desi Formations: Marking the Boundaries of Cultural Belonging in Chicago/Gayatri Reddy
    • 14. Queer in a Time of Kashmir/Jeffrey A. Redding
  • Afterword. Everywhere Mehfil/Anjali Arondekar
  • Contributors
  • Index



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