Pioneers in Neonatal/Perinatal Medicine: Perinatal Profiles from NeoReviews

Pioneers in Neonatal/Perinatal Medicine: Perinatal Profiles from NeoReviews

  • Author: Philip, Alistair G.S.
  • Publisher: American Academy of Pediatrics
  • ISBN: 9781610020374
  • eISBN Pdf: 9781610020381
  • Place of publication:  Illinois , United States
  • Year of publication: 2016
  • Year of digital publication: 2016
  • Month: January
  • Pages: 106
  • Language: English
From the files of NeoReviews comes this collection of Perinatal Profiles, chosen to provide a glimpse into the lives of the “movers and shakers” in neonatal/perinatal medicine …

… Many of the profiles in this collection written by the students of these pioneers who have gone on to become key NPM innovators themselves. They provide rare insight into the personalities of their mentors and the development of NPM.

You’ll meet such luminaries as:
  • Alex Minkowski, MD, whose life’s work, including a conference on whether assisted ventilation did more harm than good, led French President Jacques Chirac in 2004 to call him “one of the consciences of the 20th century.”
  • Martin Couney, MD, who in 1896 began 40 years of organizing preterm baby “child hatchery” sideshows to showcase the marvels of incubator technology at expositions, state fairs, traveling circuses—even Coney Island—showing the public that even the most severely preterm infants had a chance for survival.
  • Elizabeth Blackwell, Marie Putnam Jacobi, Elizabeth Garret, and Madeleine Brès, the first female physicians caring for women and children at the end of the 19th century. All struggled for admission to medical school yet eventually managed to pierce the armor of sex bias.
  • Ignác Fülöp Semmelweis, the Hungarian pioneer of antisepsis who first demonstrated that most childbed fever cases could be prevented—one of the most important discoveries of 19th-century medicine—yet was ridiculed and released in disgrace from his Viennese hospital and medical school faculty posts.
  • Cathy Cropley, the Seattle nurse who wove nurses into the fabric of neonatal resuscitation as team members and instructors, insisting that skill take precedence over title.
This collection of 26 key columns was compiled and edited by NeoReviews Editor-in-Chief Alistair G.S. Philip, MD, FRCPE, FAAP, in honor of the 15th anniversary of NeoReviews, the American Academy of Pediatrics’ online journal of neonatology, available at
  • Front Cover
    • Table of Contents
    • Introduction Page
    • Chapter 1 Perinatal Profiles: Dr Julius Hess and His Incubator
    • Chapter 2 Perinatal Profiles: William Little and Cerebral Palsy
    • Chapter 3 Perinatal Profiles: Ian Donald and Obstetric Diagnostic Ultrasound
    • Chapter 4 Perinatal Profiles: Childbed Fever and Ignac Fulop Semmelweis
    • Chapter 5 Perinatal Profiles: Sir Joseph Barcroft: The 20th Century’s Renaissance Perinatal Physiologist
    • Chapter 6 Perinatal Profiles: Geoffrey S. Dawes: A Neonatologist’s Appreciation
    • Chapter 7 Perinatal Profiles: Robert McCance and Elsie Widdowson: Pioneers in Neonatal Science
    • Chapter 8 Perinatal Profiles: Alexandre Minkowski: Founder of “Biology of the Neonate”
    • Chapter 9 Perinatal Profiles: Clem Smith: A Gentle Gardener
    • Chapter 10 Perinatal Profiles: Roberto Caldeyro-Barcia: Obstetric Physiologist Extraordinary
    • Chapter 11 Perinatal Profiles: Professor John (Johnny) Lind, Neonatology Pioneer
    • Chapter 12 Perinatal Profiles: John William Ballantyne: Scottish Obstetrician and Prolific Writer
    • Chapter 13 Perinatal Profiles: Pierre Budin: The Fight Against Maternal and Infant Mortality
    • Chapter 14 Perinatal Profile: Jim Farquhar and Infants of Diabetic Mothers
    • Chapter 15 Perinatal Profile: Bill Kitchen and Very Low-birthweight Infants
    • Chapter 16 Perinatal Profiles: Dr Colette Dreyfus-Brisac: Development of Brain Electrocortical Activity
    • Chapter 17 Perinatal Profile: Arvo Ylppo: Little Big Man
    • Chapter 18 Perinatal Profile: Klaus Riegel: A Swabian “Someone”
    • Chapter 19 Perinatal Profiles: Bengt Robertson: A Pioneer of Surfactant Research
    • Chapter 20 Perinatal Profiles: Bent Friis-Hansen: A Danish Pioneer of Neonatology
    • Chapter 21 Perinatal Profiles: Cathy Cropley, RN, MS: A Partner in Developing NRP
    • Chapter 22 Perinatal Profiles: Martin Couney and Newborn Infant Sideshows
    • Chapter 23 Pioneer Women in Neonatology: Part 1: 1870–1945
    • Chapter 24 Pioneer Women in Neonatology: Part 2: 1945–1960
    • Chapter 25 Pioneer Women in Neonatology: Part 3: The Roaring Sixties (1960–1980)
    • Chapter 26 Perinatal Profiles: Elie Metchnikoff: Probiotic Pioneer
    • Index
  • Back Cover


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