Refiguring Spain

Refiguring Spain


  • Author: Kinder, Marsha
  • Publisher: Duke University Press
  • ISBN: 9780822319320
  • eISBN Pdf: 9780822397809
  • Place of publication:  Durham , United States
  • Year of digital publication: 1997
  • Month: July
  • Pages: 384
  • DDC: 791.45/0946
  • Language: English
In Refiguring Spain, Marsha Kinder has gathered a collection of new essays that explore the central role played by film, television, newspapers, and art museums in redefining Spain’s national/cultural identity and its position in the world economy during the post-Franco era. By emphasizing issues of historical recuperation, gender and sexuality, and the marketing of Spain’s peaceful political transformation, the contributors demonstrate that Spanish cinema and other forms of Spanish media culture created new national stereotypes and strengthened the nation’s place in the global market and on the global stage.
These essays consider a diverse array of texts, ranging from recent films by Almodóvar, Saura, Erice, Miró, Bigas Luna, Gutiérrez Aragón, and Eloy de la Iglesia to media coverage of the 1993 elections. Francoist cinema and other popular media are examined in light of strategies used to redefine Spain’s cultural identity. The importance of the documentary, the appropriation of Hollywood film, and the significance of gender and sexuality in Spanish cinema are also discussed, as is the discourse of the Spanish media star—whether involving film celebrities like Rita Hayworth and Antonio Banderas or historical figures such as Cervantes. The volume concludes with an investigation of larger issues of government policy in relation to film and media, including a discussion of the financing of Spanish cinema and an exploration of the political dynamics of regional television and art museums. Drawing on a wide range of critical discourses, including feminist, postcolonial, and queer theory, political economy, cultural history, and museum studies, Refiguring Spain is the first comprehensive anthology on Spanish cinema in the English language.

Contributors. Peter Besas, Marvin D’Lugo, Selma Reuben Holo, Dona M. Kercher, Marsha Kinder, Jaume Martí-Olivella, Richard Maxwell, Hilary L. Neroni, Paul Julian Smith, Roland B. Tolentino, Stephen Tropiano, Kathleen M. Vernon, Iñaki Zabaleta

  • Contents
  • Acknowledgments
  • Refiguring Socialist Spain: An Introduction - Marsha Kinder
  • Part 1: Historical Recuperation
    • Reading Hollywood in/and Spanish Cinema: From Trade Wars to Transculturation - Kathleen M. Vernon
    • Documenting the National and Its Subversion in a Democratic Spain - Marsha Kinder
    • The Marketing of Cervantine Magic for a New Global Image of Spain - Dona M. Kercher
    • Nations, Nationalisms, and Los últimos de Filipinas: An Imperialist Desire for Colonialist Nostalgia - Roland B. Tolentino
  • Part 2: Sexual Reinscription
    • Out of the Cinematic Closet: Homosexuality in the Films of Eloy de la Iglesia - Stephen Tropiano
    • Pornography, Masculinity, Homosexuality: Almodóvar's Matador and La ley del deseo - Paul Julian Smith
    • La teta i la lluna: The Form of Transnational Cinema in Spain - Marvin D'Lugo
    • Regendering Spain's Political Bodies: Nationality and Gender in the Films of Pilar Miró and Arantxa Lazcano - Jaume Martí-Olivella
  • Part 3: Marketing Transfiguration: Money/Politics/Regionalism
    • The Financial Structure of Spanish Cinema - Peter Besas
    • Spatial Eruptions, Global Grinds: Regionalist TV in Spain and Dialetics of Identity Politics - Richard Maxwell
    • Private Commercial Television versus Political Diversity: The Case of Spain's 1993 General Elections - Iñaki Zabaleta
    • The Art Museum as a Means of Refiguring Regional Identity in Democratic Spain - Selma Reuben Holo
    • Annotated Bibliography of English-Language Works on Spanish Films - Hilary L. Neroni
  • Contributors
  • Index


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