Creating Memories in Late 8th-century Byzantium

Creating Memories in Late 8th-century Byzantium

The Short History of Nikephoros of Constantinople

The Short History of Nikephoros of Constantinople is one of the key sources for our understanding of Byzantine history in the eighth century. This book offers a close look at that volume and its manner of representing the historical role of Byzantine emperors and ecclesiology, with particular attention to the use of images, an issue of central importance amid the period's first outburst of iconoclasm. When seen through this lens, the Short History is revealed to be more engaged with and burdened by contemporary political and ecclesiastical strife than has previously been thought.
  • Cover
  • Table of Contents
  • Preface
  • Introduction
    • On the Methodology and Approach of this Book
    • A Note on Translations and Transliteration of Names
  • 1. Nikephoros the Layman
    • Nikephoros’s Secular Education
    • The Seventh Ecumenical Council and the Patriarchal Office
    • The Patriarchs Tarasios and Nikephoros
    • The Patriarch Nikephoros and the Studites Opposition
    • Patriarch Nikephoros and Pope Leo III
    • The Patriarch in Exile
  • 2. The Short History in the Byzantine Historiographical Tradition
    • The Structure of the Short History
    • The Reign of Emperor Constans II (641-668): An Omitted or Encircled Historical Narrative?
    • Dating the Short History
  • 3. Herakleios: Model of an Emperor
    • Setting a Pattern
    • Restoring Order
    • A Courageous Emperor
    • Holy War
    • Emperor – Friend and Brother of the Patriarchs
    • Disorder Sets In Again
    • The Advancement of the Arabs
  • 4. The Dark Century
    • The ‘Peace and Tranquillity’ of the Emperor Constantine IV
    • Peace Destroyed: Emperor Justinian II
    • Incompetent Emperors
  • 5. Iconoclasts Restoring Order
    • The Peace of the Emperor Leo III
    • The Iconoclasm of Leo III?
    • Patriarchs and the Authority of the Ecumenical Councils
    • Constantine V and the Destruction of the Church of St. Eirene
    • War among Christians
    • Patriarchs of Constantinople – Iconoclasts by Oppression?
    • The Humiliation and Execution of the ‘Iconoclast’ Patriarch Constantine II and St. Stephen the Younger
    • Past Events Resounding in the Present: Empress Eirene in the Short History
  • Conclusion: In Search of an Ideal Image of an Emperor
  • Glossary
  • Abbreviations
  • Bibliography
  • Index
  • List of Tables
    • Table 1 Nikephoros’s arrangement of material in the account of Constantine V’s reign
    • Table 2 The patriarchs mentioned in the Short History
    • Table 3 An overview of heretical and Orthodox patriarchs mentioned in the Short History



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