Territory & Society

Territory & Society

Meaningful experiences from social & urban recomposition

  • Author: VV. AA.
  • Publisher: Universidad Piloto de Colombia
  • eISBN Pdf: 9789585106802
  • Place of publication:  Bogotá , Colombia
  • Year of publication: 2022
  • Pages: 166

When we review the conditions in which land occupation takes place, we identify some common issues. The discussion of conflicts such as the abandonment of rural areas, the excessive exploitation of renewable and non-renewable resources, the uncontrollable growth of Urban centers, renovation processes, land speculation, social and spatial segregation, inequality become critical in new areas of Architecture and research.
Under this discussion, there have been different approaches, positions and even concepts such as reordering, resistance, re-naturalization, recomposition, renewal, reuse, recovery, restoration, reoccupation, revitalization, etc. Issues that make up the permanent agendas of public, academic and social organizations and whose final objectives seem to direct us towards the same end: to understand the territory as a right and as a duty. Other goals include to influence public policies, to gain a position based on a comprehensive review of the issues and problems that are the order of the day, educate and train professionals to take positions, decisions and advance initiatives that promote the resolution of these conflicts

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    • Mexico
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