Reframing Seventeenth-Century Bolognese Art

Reframing Seventeenth-Century Bolognese Art

Archival Discoveries

These ground-breaking essays, all based on original archival research, consider the evolving interest in Bolognese art in seventeenth-century Italy, particularly focusing on the period after the death of Guido Reni in 1642. Edited by Bolognese specialists Raffaella Morselli and Babette Bohn, the studies collected here focus on the taste for Bolognese art within Bologna itself and in other parts of the Italian peninsula, including Mantua, Ferrara, Rome, and Florence. Essays examine the roles of gender, class, and the social status of the artist in early modern Bologna; approaches to exhibiting artworks in noble Bolognese collections; the reputations of local women artists; the popularity of Bolognese quadratura painting; and the relative success of both contemporary and earlier Bolognese artists with Italian collectors.
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  • 1. Introduction
    • About the authors
  • 2. Bologna and Rome
    • Francesco Albani’s Correspondence and his Reflections on Art (1637–59)
      • The History of the Correspondence
        • The Surviving Letters
        • ‘Such a beautiful Rome’, 1651: Two Letters from Albani to Domenico Maria Canuti in Rome
        • Girolamo Bonini, the faithful Achates
        • About the author
  • 3. Collezionismo in Early Modern Bologna
    • The Fantuzzi’s Acquisition and Display of Drawings and Paintings by Local Masters
      • Giovanni Fantuzzi’s Decorative Program in the San Domenico House
        • Prices and Valuations of the Fantuzzi Collection
        • Conclusion
        • About the author
  • 4. Collecting Women’s Art in Early Modern Bologna
    • Myth and Reality
      • About the author
  • 5. Bolognese Artists and Paintings in Mantua during the Gonzaga Nevers Period
    • ‘Looking for Bolognese paintings’
      • Bolognese Artists Working in the Ducal Residences
        • Giovan Battista Caccioli and Baldassarre Bianchi for the Canossa
        • From the Late Seventeenth-Century Court to the Collection of Guidi di Bagno
        • About the author
  • 6. Bolognese Painters in the Private Collections of Romagna
    • The Albicini Marchis Collection in Forlì
      • Appendix – Documents
        • Doc. 1
          • Doc. 2
          • Doc. 3
          • Doc. 4
          • Doc. 5
          • Doc. 6
          • Doc. 7
          • Doc. 8
          • Doc. 9
          • Doc. 10
        • About the author
  • 7. Bolognese Paintings in Seventeenth-Century Medici Collections Reconsidered (1600–75)
    • The Carracci
      • Giovanni Lanfranco
        • Guido Reni
        • Francesco Albani
        • Guercino
        • About the author
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