Futurist Cinema

Futurist Cinema

Studies on Italian Avant-garde Film

  • Author: Catanese, Rossella
  • Publisher: Amsterdam University Press
  • Serie: Film Culture in Transition
  • ISBN: 9789089647528
  • eISBN Pdf: 9789048525232
  • Place of publication:  Amsterdam , Netherlands
  • Year of digital publication: 2017
  • Month: December
  • Pages: 164
  • Language: English
Futurism and early cinema shared a fascination with dynamic movement and speed, presenting both as harbingers of an emerging new way of life and new aesthetic criteria. And the Futurists quickly latched on to cinema as a device with great potential to manipulate our perceptions in order to create a new world. In the edited collection Futurist Cinema, Rossella Catanese explores that conjunction, bringing in avant-garde artists and their manifestos to show how painters and other artists turned to cinema as a model for overcoming the inherently static nature of painting in order to rethink it for a new era.
  • Cover
  • Table of Contents
  • Acknowledgements
  • Preface: The Poly-expressive Symphony of Futurist Cinema / Rossella Catanese
  • Section 1: Joyful Deformation Of The Universe
    • 1. Introduction: The Poetics of Futurist Cinema / Giovanni Lista
    • 2. Speed and Dynamism: Futurism and the Soviet Cinematographic Avant-garde / Paolo Bertetto
    • 3. Futurism and Film Theories: Manifesto of Futurist Cinema and Theories in Italy in the 1910-1920s / Valentina Valente
    • 4. Film Aesthetics Without Films / Sabine Schrader
    • 5. Marinetti’s Tattilismo Revisited: Hand Travels, Tactile Screens, and Touch Cinema in the 21st Century / Wanda Strauven
    • 6. Dance and Futurism in Italian Silent Cinema / Elisa Uffreduzzi
    • 7. Futurism and cinema in the 1910s: A reinterpretation starting from McLuhan / Antonio Saccoccio
    • 8. The Human in the Fetish of the Human: Cuteness in Futurist Cinema, Literature, and Visual Arts / Giancarlo Carpi
  • Section 2: Daily Filmed Exercises Designed To Free Us From Logic
    • 9. Yambo on the moon of Verne and Méliès: From La colonia lunare to Un matrimonio interplanetario / Denis Lotti
    • 10. An Avant-Garde Heritage: ‘Vita futurista’ / Rossella Catanese
    • 11. Thaïs: A Different Challenge to the Stars / Lucia Re
    • 12. Velocità, a Screenplay by F.T. Marinetti: From Futurist Simultaneity to Live Streaming Media / Carolina Fernández Castrillo
    • 13. Velocità/Vitesse: Filmed Dramas of Objects and ‘avant-garde integrale’ / Rossella Catanese
    • 14. From Science to the Marvellous: The Illusion of Movement, Between Chronophotography and Contemporary Cinema / Francesca Veneziano
  • Section 3: Shop Windows Of Filmed Ideas, Events, Types, Objects
    • Chronology / Fernando Maramai
    • Filmography / Marcello Seregni
  • Index



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