Lean Six Sigma White Belt. Certification Manual

Lean Six Sigma White Belt. Certification Manual

  • Author: Socconini, Luis
  • Publisher: Marge Books
  • Serie: Gestiona
  • ISBN: 9788418532993
  • eISBN Pdf: 9788419109002
  • Place of publication:  Sabadell , Spain
  • Year of publication: 2022
  • Pages: 120

An organization’s efforts to implement quality systems and improvement methodologies are more likely to succeed with the understanding and participation of all employees. After completing this certification course, participants will have a foundational knowledge of Lean Six Sigma and understand each person’s responsibility in operating the system.

  • The author
  • Index
  • Preface
  • 1. Introduction to White Belt
  • 2. Problem Solving
  • 3. 5S Housekeeping
  • 4. Visual Management (Andon)
  • 5. Standard Work Instructions


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