Woman Doctor's Civil War

Woman Doctor's Civil War

Esther Hill Hawks' Diary

A physician, a Northerner, a teacher, a school administrator, a suffragist, and an abolitionist, Esther Hill Hawks was the antithesis of Southern womanhood. And those very differences destined her to chronicle the era in which she played such a strange part.

While most women of the 1860s stayed at home, tending husband and house, Esther Hill Hawks went south to minister to black Union troops and newly freed slaves as both a teacher and a doctor. She kept a diary and described the South she saw—conquered but still proud. Her pen, honed to a fine point by her abolitionist views, missed mothing as she traveled through a hungary and ailing land.

In the well-known Diary from Dixie, Mary Boykin Chestnut depiced her native Southland as one of cavaliers with their ladies, statesmen and politicians, honor and glory. But Hawks painted a much different picture. And unlike Chestnut's characters, hers were liberated slaves and their hungary children, swaggering carpetbaggers, occupation troops far from home, and zealous missionaries. Revealed in the pages of this diary is a woman of vast energy, intelligence, and fortitude, who transformed her idealism into action.

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  • A Woman Doctor's Civil War
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  • The Sea Islands October 1862–February 1864
  • Florida February–July 1864
  • The Sea Islands July–August 1864
  • Florida December 1864–March 1865
  • Charleston March–July 1865
  • The Sea Islands July–August 1865
  • Florida August–September 1865
  • The Sea Islands September–October 1865
  • Charleston October 1865
  • The Sea Islands October 1865
  • Charleston October–November 1865
  • The Sea Islands November–December 1865
  • Florida December 1865–January 1866
  • The Sea Islands January 1866
  • En Route to Florida November 1866
  • Florida November 1866
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