Child Abuse: Overview and Evaluation

Child Abuse: Overview and Evaluation

Get practical and essential evidence-based guidelines and AAP references for evaluating and treating sentinel injuries, physical abuse, and sexual abuse.

  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Physical Abuse of Children
  • Child Sexual Abuse
  • Child Psychological Abuse
  • ‘Practical’ Guide Helps in Evaluation of Children Who Report Sexual Abuse
  • The Evaluation of Children in the Primary Care SettingWhen Sexual Abuse Is Suspected
  • Pediatricians’ Role in Preventing ChildMaltreatment Fatalities: A Call to Action
  • Critical Elements in the MedicalEvaluation of Suspected ChildPhysical Abuse
  • The Evaluation of Suspected ChildPhysical Abuse
  • Sentinel Injuries in Infants Evaluated for ChildPhysical Abuse
  • Testing for Abuse in Children WithSentinel Injuries
  • Evaluating Children With Fractures for Child PhysicalAbuse
  • Potential Opportunities for Prevention or EarlierDiagnosis of Child Physical Abuse in theInpatient Setting
  • How Pediatricians Can Assess for ChildNeglect, Support At-Risk Families
  • Special Needs, Higher Abuse Risks
  • Child Abuse in Children and Youth with SpecialHealth Care Needs
  • Childhood Maltreatment and DisabilityDiagnosis: Sorting Out Causality
  • Maltreatment Risk AmongChildren With Disabilities
  • Community Poverty and Child Abuse:Sadly a Potentially Lethal Combination
  • No Surprise: The Rate of FatalChild Abuse and Neglect FatalitiesIs Related to Poverty
  • Community Poverty and Child AbuseFatalities in the United States
  • Injury and Mortality AmongChildren Identified as at HighRisk of Maltreatment



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