The Great Depression in Latin America

The Great Depression in Latin America

  • Author: Drinot, Paulo; Knight, Alan
  • Publisher: Duke University Press
  • ISBN: 9780822357384
  • eISBN Pdf: 9780822376248
  • Place of publication:  Durham , United States
  • Year of digital publication: 2014
  • Month: September
  • Pages: 376
  • Language: English
Although Latin America weathered the Great Depression better than the United States and Europe, the global economic collapse of the 1930s had a deep and lasting impact on the region. The contributors to this book examine the consequences of the Depression in terms of the role of the state, party-political competition, and the formation of working-class and other social and political movements. Going beyond economic history, they chart the repercussions and policy responses in different countries while noting common cross-regional trends--in particular, a mounting critique of economic orthodoxy and greater state intervention in the economic, social, and cultural spheres, both trends crucial to the region's subsequent development. The book also examines how regional transformations interacted with and differed from global processes. Taken together, these essays deepen our understanding of the Great Depression as a formative experience in Latin America and provide a timely comparative perspective on the recent global economic crisis.

Contributors. Marcelo Bucheli, Carlos Contreras, Paulo Drinot, Jeffrey L. Gould, Roy Hora, Alan Knight, Gillian McGillivray, Luis Felipe Sáenz, Angela Vergara, Joel Wolfe, Doug Yarrington
  • Contents
  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction, Paulo Drinot
  • Chapter 1. The Impact of the Depression on Argentine Society, Roy Hora
  • Chapter 2. Chilean Workers and the Great Depression, 1930–1938, Angela Vergara
  • Chapter 3. Change with Continuity: Brazil from 1930 to 1945, Joel Wolfe
  • Chapter 4. The Great Depression in Peru, Paulo Drinot and Carlos Contreras
  • Chapter 5. Export Protectionism and the Great Depression: Multinational Corporations, Domestic Elite, and Export Policies in Colombia, Marcelo Bucheli and Luis Felipe Sáenz
  • Chapter 6. Political Transition in an Age of Extremes: Venezuela in the 1930s, Doug Yarrington
  • Chapter 7. Indigenista Dictators and the Problematic Origins of Democracy in Central America, Jeffrey L. Gould
  • Chapter 8. The Character and Consequences of the Great Depression in Mexico, Alan Knight
  • Chapter 9. Cuba: Depression, Imperialism, and Revolution, 1920–1940, Gillian McGillivray
  • Chapter 10. The Great Depression in Latin America: An Overview, Alan Knight
  • Contributors
  • Index



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