A Lowcountry Family Tradition

  • Author: Balsley, Tilda; Wyrick, Monica
  • Publisher: University of South Carolina Press
  • Serie: Young Palmetto Books
  • ISBN: 9781611176407
  • eISBN Pdf: 9781611176414
  • Place of publication:  South Carolina , United States
  • Year of digital publication: 2016
  • Month: May
  • Language: English

A realistic guide and colorful story about the coastal art and sport of crabbing

Crabbing is a story about young boys learning from their grandfather about the coastal tradition of catching crabs during an eventful day on a saltwater creek. Tilda Balsley's realistic yet poetic depictions coupled with Monica Wyrick's beautiful watercolor illustrations provide a glimpse into the diversity of life along the backwaters of the lowcountry. Crabbing is an intriguing "how-to" for children and evokes nostalgic reminders for readersof any age who have enjoyed the challenge of catching blue crabs.

Following the story, additional material providesparents and teachers with educational information about blue crabs as well as other lowcountry wildlife including pelicans, cordgrass, dolphins, grasshoppers, and Spanish moss and about habitat protection. To round out the blue crab experience, a delicious crab cake recipe, simple enough for children to make, is included as well.

  • Cover
  • Crabbing
    • About Blue Crabs (Callinectes sapidus)
    • About Other Plants and Animals You’ve Seen in Crabbing
    • Crab Cakes


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